Certification FAQ

Questions and Answers for CWCA®, CWS®, and CWSP®

Is there a step-by-step guide on how to get certified?
Who is eligible to take our National Board Certification Examinations?
Where are the examinations offered?
How much is the first-time exam fee? How much is the re-test fee?
How will I know the exact location and time of the exam?
How long is the exam and how is it structured?
Where can I find review textbooks, courses or seminars to prepare for my exam?
Can individuals outside of the United States sit for the Board Certification Examinations?
When do I receive my exam scores?
Can I obtain a copy of my score report?
What happens if I do not pass the exam? Can I re-test?
What is the pass rate for the each of the exams?
How are the exams developed?
How is the passing point determined?
Do I receive a certificate after passing the examination?
What initials may I place after my name, and when am I allowed to do so?
How is this certification useful to me as a healthcare professional?
When do I renew?
How many continuing education hours do I need each year to remain certified?
When do I recertify?
What are the renewal and recertification policies?
I have recently changed addresses, but am not sure which address you have. Can I change this information online, or should I contact the ABWM?
My certification has lapsed without my knowledge, and I have received a letter stating that I have been revoked. Why wasn’t I notified by e-mail or phone? And, is there anything I can do to keep my certification, and do I have to retake the Board Certification Exam?
I have some questions I would like to submit to be considered for use in future examinations. How would I go about sending these in?
Can the ABWM answer questions about a specific course of treatment or wound care product?
What are the bylaws and governance structure of ABWM?
What are the appeals and disciplinary procedures for ABWM?
How do I verify that a provider possesses an active ABWM certification?
I would like to order a replacement wall certificate and/or additional CWCA®, CWS® or CWSP® patches - how do I do this?