10-Year Recertification

10-Year Recertifications

Step 1

Create or log-in to your account and complete your application online. Click on the relevant link below to get started:

Candidates who fail to recertify 10 years after their initial certification will have their Associate or Diplomate status revoked, and will no longer be permitted to use their credential. For more information regarding recertification, please view the Renewal & Recertification Handbook.

Step 2

Submit your application online. 

Your application must be received a minimum of 15 business days prior to your desired exam date. Upon approval, you will be able to schedule your examination at a local testing center for any time in the following 90 days, based on availability. Your three-month eligibility window will begin immediately upon application approval. Do not submit your application until you are prepared for your three-month eligibility window to begin. Window extensions will not be granted.

10 Year Recertification candidates must meet the following criteria:
  • Complete the online application with all fields filled in.
  • Provide payment for the required application fee.

Step 3

Once your application to sit for the certification examination has been approved, you will receive an email notification directly from our testing company, Pearson VUE.  The notification will include information on how to schedule your exam.

Step 4

Once you have received your approval notifications, you may schedule your exam for any time in the following 90 days, based on availability at your local testing center.

  1. For more information about selecting the date, time, and location of your exam, please view the Exam Scheduling page.
  2. To view available test centers, visit PearsonVUE.com/ABWM and log in to your account or click “Find a test center” on the right sidebar.

Step 5

Upon completing the exam, a score report will be generated immediately. Candidates can also access score reports by logging in to their Pearson VUE accounts.

  • If you pass the exam, you will maintain either your Associate or Diplomate status. You will be issued a certificate bearing the seal of the American Board of Wound Management with your name inscribed. You will receive a Recertification Welcome Packet from ABWM approximately two to four weeks after passing the exam. The Welcome Packet will include: a letter congratulating you on your accomplishment, an immediate press release, and an employer advocacy letter. ABWM will also send a pin and patch for you to proudly display your maintained designation.  Associates and Diplomates of the ABWM will be required to renew their certification annually by paying a $150 renewal fee, and by completing six hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in order to maintain their certification. Associates and Diplomates of the ABWM will be required to recertify after ten years by sitting for the appropriate examination again.
  • If you do not pass the exam, your Associate or Diplomate status will be revoked. You will not be permitted to use your credential again until successfully passing the examination. In order to be reinstated, you may apply to re-test after 90 days. You may apply to re-test for up to two years following your initial examination. Candidates who wish to re-test after two years must submit an entirely new application. Candidates who wish to re-test more than three times will need to provide documentation of 20 CEUs for each exam attempt.